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We're Having a Baby!!

While much of the world has been holed up eating Doritos, watching Netflix, and waiting their turn to be jabbed in the arm, our little trio has been busy. May 15 we will be bringing into this world the product of our foolin' around. On the above date our debut CD, New Roads will be available for purchase.

New Roads is the culmination of our year in exile's work. In total there are 14 songs contained within 13 tracks. While most of the selections would accurately be described as 'Old Time,' there are 2 hardcore 'classical' selections by Bach and Vivaldi. We've also included an arrangement of O'Carolon's iconic Sí Bheag Sí Mohr, as well as the Gospel tune, "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross."

If you'd like a copy the cost is $10 (plus shipping $4.) Hit the contact button on the home page and send us an email. If you don't wanna hit the 'contact' button just email: Soon we'll have the whole album on this site where you can stream (but not download) for free. Until that happens here are a few links to some samples

We hope to hear from you.

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