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Ya Know It Don't Come Easy

Ya know, to be honest, although it has taken a little longer than we anticipated, our newest CD, "Moothies and Coldbre" really actually did come kinda easy. We don't have it in hand just yet but we will soon. We're very excited and pleased to be putting this out into the world. Like our first CD, "Moothies and Coldbre"** features a lot of traditional fare and also offers up some more eclectic selections. A big portion of the CD is what you expect from NF. That is, there's a healthy helping of standard appalachian fiddle tunes and the like. But we've also gotten a bit more adventuresome with some of our arrangements. Of note is the band's arrangement of 'Cold Frosty Morn.' We took this traditional Irish/Appalachian Fiddle tune and kinda psychedeliced it up....pretty cool. There is also an almost hypnotically beautiful vocal rendering of the shaker classic 'Simple Gifts.' And speaking of vocals...Our first CD, "New Roads," was strictly instrumental (except for the last song.) "Moothies and Coldbre" is about half vocal, half instrumental. And they are all very strong. Anyway, like I said, we are - literally - in the process of uploading the sound files and the graphics and expect to have delivery in about two weeks. We're working with a local venue and hope to be inviting you all to some sort of 'release party' in the very near future. (Stay tuned for that) But if you wanna reserve your copy get in touch with us at the contact info on the website. we'll save ya a copy

** "Moothies and Coldbre" is a small - but clean - and soon to be famous - Apple Cider and Pickled Pigs Feet joint about 3 miles south of Judy, KY. The business is named - as is this CD - after Daniel Boone's horse and dog, Moothies (horse) Coldbre (dog.) In 1778, as all good kentuckians know, Boone was captured and eventually adopted by Chief Blackfish of the Shawnee Indians of Ohio."Moothies and Coldbre" was the name of the 'national dish' of the Shawnee, something very much akin to what we call Cornbread and Beans (the national dish of KY). Boone thought it'd be cool to call his dog and horse that and we thought it made a good name for our second CD especially since someone took this photo of us with our cider.

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