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Nero's Fiddle 2.0

Your favorite, non-fiddle, Appalachicana Band did some re-tooling and de-bugging over the winter and spring. There are now a couple of new (well not new really, actually kinda old) faces in the group. Along about February guitarist, Dean Phelps joined the Fiddle, and about the time he was getting settled in a Leprechaunish old friend fell out of rainbow into our collective lap and we were happy to give him a home. This Saturday, 10am on the Main Stage at Mt. Sterling's "Mt. Sterling in Bloom" Festival, everybody's favorite spoon slinging/bodhran banging percussionist, Barry Miller makes his debut with the guys and gals of Nero's Fiddle. Come hear what we've been up to. By the way, we've got a real busy fall all booked up and ready to roll, but more on that later.....

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