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Off and Runnin'

About a week ago we announced the addition of Barry Miller (That's Barry in the middle holding the little tire. He has a bit of stage fright and that tire helps him feel safe) to our little group of minstrels. With very little rehearsal, Barry joined us in Mt. Sterling, KY on Saturday 6/24. It was a wonderful event and Barry rose to the occasion. One guy remarked, "Wow, the addition of the new percussionist really gives your sound a kinetic energy!.I mean I love this band already, but that guy puts some fire in the Fiddle!" But enough about him!! He's good. We like him. We don't want him to get 'the big head,' 'cause we wanna keep him. Anyway.....

The main purpose of writing this post is to let you know of a couple of things in the upcoming few months.We have several dates that are not yet confirmed but here's a list of the 'definites.'

On Friday, 9/1, at noon, Neros' Fiddle will be the featured Artist for the University of Kentucky's "Appalachia in the Bluegrass" Artist Series. The concert will be in the Niles Gallery and will be about an hour. This is a great concert series and it is open to the Public. It's a pretty big space, but if last year is any indication, you might want to get there a little early. By 'go - time' it was SRO

On Saturday October 14th we will be making two appearances at Mount Sterling's Court Days Festival. This is the oldest Festival in Kentucky and dates to the 18th century. This is a really big deal for us to be included in this line-up. As the date gets closer we'll let you know about the times.

Our last gig on the books (at the moment) will be our third appearance at the KCAL Gospel Jubilee at Jessamine Christian Church in Nicholasville. This is a HUGE audience and great fun and good music. This year the date is Friday December 1st at 7pm. In the past the show has been divided into two parts. The first part is straight-up gospel, the second is Christmas Music.

As I wrote earlier, there will be other opportunities to come to some events, but those dates just have not yet been solidified.

Lastly, all four of us are going to be heading off to vacation in the next few weeks, but when we return we'll be honing the set and also getting ready to head to the studio. It's about time for the Second CD so keep an ear out for that. We hope to see you soon.

ICYMI here's a link to one of the tunes from Saturday

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