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September in Kentucky is almost always wonderful. The sky is sapphire blue, splotched with big puffy white clouds. The temperature is near perfect. The fields are green. Football, blazing grills, and a certain easiness calms the soul. Today was that day. It was made even better, for us, as we had been invited to play at the Scott County Public Library's first in person concert in nearly two years.

Just as the band was formed and honed its craft during the pandemic, SCPL has been very supportive by giving us numerous opportunities to be part of the SCPL "Sounds" Concert series which we would record and then they would broadcast over FaceBook. But today was live in person, AND a Facebook Live. In part this post is to say "Thanks" to the good folks at SCPL for providing us this venue. We also want to make this concert available to those who'd like to see it but were unable to attend. SO....ICYMI, Enjoy!! (ya might have to copy and paste)

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