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Gettin' Busy

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The weather's getting warmer. The day's are getting longer. The virus is getting tamed. And....We're getting Busy!! This Saturday, March 6, at 11 am, your favorite dulcimer/guitar trio will once again be taking the stage at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum at Renfro Valley (near Mt. Vernon, Ky. We'd love to have you in attendance, and think you'll really like the Hall of Fame as well. Also there will be several other artists performing throughout the day.

We will also be featured in two FaceBook/Youtube presentations on the Scott County Public Library's Concert series called SCPL Sounds. Our performances will 'air' Sat. Mar. 20 & April 17 at 4pm.

Lastly....we're making a CD!! So get ready for that most likely sometime in May.....

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