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Finally In Front of Real Live Audience!

Like every other musical group everywhere, Nero's Fiddle has, UNTIL NOW, relied upon the wonders of live streaming to perform for folks. This has been great and we are grateful for the many opportunities this has provided us. Still though, there's nothing like playing for real live people sitting in front of you and that's gonna start happening NOW! We are honored and excited to be playing for the Gateway Regional Arts in a "Salon" setting on Saturday, Feb 26, at 6pm. The event will be staged in the Parish Hall of The Church of the Ascension in Mt. Sterling, KY. (This isn't a Church Service, but the church has been kind and gracious to provide the Arts Center with this intimate venue.) We hope you can come. For tickets you can call the Gateway Regional Arts Center in Mt. Sterling @ 859.498.6264 or scan the poster. Gonna be Great!!

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