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Barn Stormin'

On Christmas Day, Sat. Dec.25, 2021 at noon your favorite Roots/Appalachian/Americana/Quasi -Classical Mountain Dulcimer and Guitar Trio - Nero's Fiddle - along with The Ted Yoder Band from Indianapolis, IN will be the featured guests on Nationally Syndicated Red Barn Radio's "An Appalachian Christmas 2021." The TV show will air on the ABC affiliate WTVQ, Channel 36, in Lexington, KY. It is currently available at Red Barn Radio's site. We are grateful to the folks at Red Barn for this opportunity and honored to be featured along side the likes of Ted Yoder. Give it a listen and Merry Christmas

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This past Saturday evening, 2.26.22, Nero's Fiddle caught on fire in Mt. Sterling KY. Happily, no persons or property were damaged. Quite the contrary. The evening was spectacular. The folks at the Ga

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